Very Cute Disney Pixar Pikachu Round Fluffy

Promotional art, of a very very cute disney pixar pikachu round fluffy very furry character. white background, iconic film character, 9 0's pikachu, pikachu, pikachu, detective pikachu, detailed fur, concept artwork, 3 d render official art, promotional art, by artgerm, ilya kuvshinov katsuhiro villeneuve, jeremy lipkin and michael garmash and rob rey, disney pixar zootopia

Negative Promptbad anatomy, extra legs, extra arms, poorly drawn face, bad eye, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, fat, disfigured, out of frame, long neck, poo art, bad hands, bad art, deformed, gun, double head, flowers,asian,hyperrealistic,child
Guidance Scale7
Dimensions1024 x 1024
ModelStable Diffusion v1.x
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